What type of court-martial may result in a felony conviction?

Answer When India was a colony of Britain, they would be colonial military personnel if they were in the Indian Army (Navy, etc.). When America was a colony of Britain, Americans were "Colonial Soldiers" ... Read More »

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I need Help on choosing a piccolo?

I'd suggest you start by checking out the piccolo brands at Flute World:…If it's featured on Flute World then it's a good product. If you don't find it her... Read More »

How to Blow on the Piccolo?

What can be considered the most important part of learning to play the piccolo is acquiring proper breathing technique and embouchure. Even if the fingerings are memorized, incorrectly blowing into... Read More »

How to Draw a Piccolo?

A piccolo is a member of the woodwind family that is similar to a flute, but half the size and makes a higher pitched sound. The elements of the piccolo are not complex, making it easy enough to ca... Read More »

Is a piccolo a woodwind?

The piccolo is a woodwind instrument and is in the same family as the flute and the alto flute. The piccolo is a small flute, playing an octave above a flute, and then the alto flute plays five oc... Read More »