What type of markers do graffiti artists use?

Answer Because of graffiti's increased popularity, it is no considered to be a developing art form. Graffiti artists use a variety of tools to create their work, ranging from crayons and spray paints to t... Read More »

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DIY Graffiti Markers?

You can avoid paying for expensive graffiti markers by making your own at home. Graffiti markers can be made using recycled empty glue stick containers or empty shoe polish bottles. Making a single... Read More »

How to Re Moisten Dried out Artists Markers?

Ever find that your markers have dried out? Well, here's how to fix them.

What type of education&experience do graphics artists need?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for graphic artists will increase by 13 percent through 2018, resulting in the creation of 36,900 new jobs. To obtain these jobs, prospe... Read More »

When I sync my iPod, there are two artists who don't appear under "artists." How do I fix this?

if you downloaded on limewire which sometimes the person who put it there puts the songs name with the artist so it doesnt show up and sometimes it does so try downloading the same song from other ... Read More »