What type of license is needed in Oregon to become a talent booking agent?

Answer There are no licensing requirements in Oregon for a talent booking agent. The state's Licenses, Permits and Registrations website notes that many occupations are not licensed in Oregon, and specif... Read More »

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Is a license needed for a 50cc scooter in Oregon?

According to Oregon's Department of Motor Vehicles, a scooter with an engine displacement of 50cc or smaller and can attain a speed no greater than 30 mph is considered a moped and requires the rid... Read More »

What major is needed to become a sports agent?

According to Doug Schaer, a California-based sports agent with over 14 years of experience, anyone looking to become a sports agent would ideally have either a law and/or business degree.DegreesHav... Read More »

What degree is needed to become a secret service agent?

What do I have to do to become a insurance agent What kind of license would I need & where do I get one?

What state are you planning on selling in? Insurance is regulated on a state level and the requirements vary by state.