What type of laptop should i get?

Answer Sony because they use it on mythbusters

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What type of laptop should I get for college?

If the campus has wireless, get a powehorse desktop and use a small used laptop as a remote terminal.Does $2000 include software?

What type of fruits, vegetables, I should eat and also what what type of cardio exercise I should do?

Keep it simple, eat WHOLE foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Nuts, and whole grains (not wheat). Cardio will get you slim, but will not build muscle (except maybe legs). You need to do abs exercise.... Read More »

What type of lens should I use for infrared type photos?

The lens has nothing to do with infrared photography. Its all about your camera. Your DSLR has an infrared cut-off filter that blocks infrared light from hitting the sensor. This is necessary since... Read More »

How do I connect two Type II cards in a PCMCIA Type III slot on a laptop computer?

Insert the 68-pin edge of the first Type II card into the top half of the Type III adapter slot. Push the card in until the connector clicks, and the ejector lever pops up.Insert the second Type II... Read More »