What type of lamp is the one Coraline has in the film; and where can I find one?

Answer I used to have one that had fish on it, I got it at a flea market. I am not sure the proper name though.

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Where can you find a lamp like the Japanese one on icarly?

you cant find anywhere its just a plain lamp when they say rampo there just a hiddden wire connected to the lamp and someone behind the camera pushes a button and the lamp turns on. they just keep ... Read More »

Where does Aladdin find the genie's lamp?

The story of Aladdin and his magic lamp comes from the tales of the Arabian Nights. A man claiming to have known Aladdin's father tricks Aladdin into doing his bidding. Aladdin descends into a cave... Read More »

Does anybody know where I can find the flower shaped heads for a lamp?

You may want to contact the store where you purchased it, give them the model number and brand name of the lamp and ask if replacement shades can be ordered. I've already checked on the Target sit... Read More »

Where can you find find pet sitter animal care-type insurance for a horse farm?

helpful maybe? go to go to the pet section and ask one of those sites.