What type of lamp is the one Coraline has in the film; and where can I find one?

Answer I used to have one that had fish on it, I got it at a flea market. I am not sure the proper name though.

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What type of oil is used in a rain lamp?

Most people use mineral oil in rain lamps. Mineral oil, also called liquid petrolatum, does not become rancid or cause odors in your home as some oils do. Sold mainly as a lubricant and a laxative,... Read More »

What type of electromagnetic waves does a heat lamp give away?

Ordinary heat lamps emit a broad spectrum of infrared electromagnetic radiation, plus the longer wave lengths of red light. But special heat lamps emit only infrared electromagnetic waves 2 to 25 m... Read More »

Can a single lamp lcd monitor be used in place of a dual lamp lcd monitor. My HP Pavillion laptop needed a replacement monitor for the HDX 16 1025NR model and was a dual lamp. Can I usea single lamp?

go on word click insert pic. click the pic u want there will be 5 boxes up top when u inert it click the down arrow on the right sidethen a list will pop up click on the oval one :)THERE U GO BUD!!:)

Where can you find a lamp like the Japanese one on icarly?

you cant find anywhere its just a plain lamp when they say rampo there just a hiddden wire connected to the lamp and someone behind the camera pushes a button and the lamp turns on. they just keep ... Read More »