What type of jobs do people have in Nicaragua?

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What type of economic system does Nicaragua have?

Nicaragua has a capitalistic economy, with 56.5 percent in the service sector, 25.8 percent industrial and 17.8 percent agricultural, according to 2009 "CIA World Factbook" estimates. It's the poor... Read More »

What are the jobs in Nicaragua?

Usually the main jobs are engineers and lawyers.

What type of jobs did kids used to have to do when in child labor?

Kids back then had to keep the furnace stoked, carrying coal to them, carry supplies to the other workers, cleaning up factory and other menial jobs...none terribly taxing on the brain but the hurr... Read More »

What effect did the Cold War have on Nicaragua in the 1980s?

None truly. Nicaragua was a third world nation, meaning it was not a part of the Cold War.