What type of internet connections are there?

Answer The continual advancement of online technology has led to the need for faster and more efficient Internet connections. Webopedia, an online encyclopedia of computer terminology, illustrates this po... Read More »

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What type of paste is best for threaded plumbing connections?

It doesn't really matter. The old oil based has worked forever, Teflon paste is a little cleaner. Either one will do the job. I use Teflon tape for most everything anymore. Clean and easy to use. C... Read More »

How to Disconnect Internet Connections?

Whether you are troubleshooting your connection, or simply want to get some work done without distractions, sometimes it's necessary to turn off the Internet for a while. If you are using a comput... Read More »

How to Combine Two Internet Connections?

Combine two Internet connections on a computer using the natively available "Bridge Network" function of the Windows operating system. This process allows two network connections to work simultaneo... Read More »

How to Block Internet Connections?

Block Internet connections with a firewall to protect your computer from viruses and worms. Use the firewall to allow permission for your computer to block certain connections over the Internet. Pr... Read More »