What type of insurance does an elevator maintenance company need?

Answer Answer You Need General Liability Insurance.

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What type and amount of liability insurance does a two person catering company need?

Does a condo association need workers comp insurance if they have no employees and use a property management company for maintenance etc?

Usually, if the maintenance staff works for the property management company, the management company is responsible for bonding, licensing and insurance for the staff, which may include workers comp... Read More »

What type of insurance do you need if you are starting an auto warranty company To cover the warranty in case you go out of business.?

Product Liability and General Insurance Liability and surety bonds with the states you underwrite in. Florida is the hardest state to sell warranties in.

What type of insurance does a person carry for driving a company car for personal use?

The below Answer in incorrectNon Owners Policies always exclude coverage for company owned vehicles and exclude coverage for "any" vehicle to which the driver has regular access. AnswerMany insuran... Read More »