What type of insurance does a person carry for a doggie daycare center?

Answer The cost of your pet insurance premium really depends on the level of cover you would like to have. Premiums are usually also rated by the species, breed, age and where you live; ie. tailored to yo... Read More »

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What type of insurance does a person carry for driving a company car for personal use?

The below Answer in incorrectNon Owners Policies always exclude coverage for company owned vehicles and exclude coverage for "any" vehicle to which the driver has regular access. AnswerMany insuran... Read More »

How to Start a Doggie Daycare?

[[Image:Orien, Ebbie & Marley.jpg|thumb|right|251px]Do you love dogs? Do you love dogs so much that you want to start a doggie daycare? If the answer is yes, then read on!

What insurance companies would write coverage for a pediatric daycare center?

Contact a 'multiline' insurance agent, if they cannot provide the policy you need they will be able to direct you to an agent that can.

What type and amount of liability insurance does a two person catering company need?