What type of information is on a credit report?

Answer Credit reports are an essential part of gaining trust in the eyes of a lender and getting more credit on better terms. As of 2009, U.S. law restricts what a credit report can contain and how credit... Read More »

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How long can credit information remain on a credit report?

Most credit information, good or bad, remains on your credit report for seven years, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Bankruptcies remain on your report for 10 years. Many ti... Read More »

What information does a lender get from a credit report?

A credit report contains a borrower's credit history, including all current and past debts from the most recent seven to 10 years. Late payments, collections, judgments, liens and bankruptcies are ... Read More »

What does derogatory information mean on a credit report?

Derogatory information on a credit report is any entry that the credit scoring models consider negative. Derogatory credit report entries--such as a foreclosure, collection account or late payment-... Read More »

Can a company take information off a credit report?

A company can remove information from a credit report if it is inaccurate or the reporting period has expired. Credit agencies may report consumer debt information for seven years. Bankruptcy infor... Read More »