What type of infection could a stretch mark cause?

Answer A stretch mark appears on the skin when weight is gained or lost too quickly, whether through fat or muscle. It is possible to get a skin infection from a stretch mark. The best method of preventio... Read More »

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What Does A Stretch Mark Look Like?

Stretchmarks last a lifetime, and there is no way to remove them. Using good moisturizers and eating a balanced diet can improve and sustain the skins elasticity, helping the body to avoid stretchm... Read More »

How do you prevent stretch mark?

if you havnt got stretch marks now then don't put wait on realy fast or loose wait fast cause they start stretch marks and if you've got them or had them use palmers cream or bio-oil and keep using

I accidently cut my self down there in/on a stretch mark?

then, report this situation to the skin doctor...Good luck!

What is the best stretch mark cream?

On One Hand: TriLastin Stretch Mark CreamAs seen on Tyra Banks' talk show, TriLastin helps dissolve the nasty stretch marks you hate so much. In as little as three weeks, this product can make str... Read More »