What type of indoor plants bloom all year round?

Answer African bonsai

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Indoor Plants That Bloom?

Indoor blooming plants add freshness, color and sometimes even fragrance to a home's interior. Many house plants will bloom year after year with the proper care: the correct light, regular watering... Read More »

Perennial Flowers That Bloom Year-Round?

Flowers are the beginning of new life for a plant. After flowering, the plant makes seeds and this leads to a new generation of plants. Unless you live in a place where there are no distinct season... Read More »

What type of indoor plants help clean the air inside the house?

How do I protect year-round growing greenhouse plants from frost?

Keep Cold OutInstall a heater and fan in the greenhouse to maintain warm temperatures and air circulation during the winter. Use the heater only when absolutely necessary, and always set the temper... Read More »