What type of headphones work best?

Answer On One Hand: In-ear headphones are safe and clearIn-ear headphones, or ear buds, run the gamut from the pair you receive free with your media player to delicate, custom-made pieces that can cost mo... Read More »

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What are the best type of cheap headphones to buy?

What are the best type of headphones to get if you want them to vibrate?

What's the best type of earphones/headphones for jogging?

I wear a pair of Seinhausers - the wrap-around ones. They do not budge!! You can Google them for stockists.Forgot to say, mine are also sweatproof - I work out like crazy and kill regular headp... Read More »

What type of cookie sheets work best?

According to "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine, cookie sheets should be made of heavy-gauge aluminum. A light-colored cookie sheet provides better results than a dark-colored one, because a dark ... Read More »