What type of guitar and amps does Luther Dickinson use?

Answer Luther Dickinson is the lead singer and a guitarist for the band North Mississippi All-Stars. He uses several different Gibson guitars, including the famous Les Paul model and the Flying V. His fav... Read More »

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What is the best combo of volts to amps to kill pernicious weeds like thistles with a cattle prod type device as a 50k taser doesn't work due to ultra low amps?

Volts and amps are linked by a mathematical principle known as Ohm's law. Ohm's law states that V=IR where V is voltage, I is current (amps) and R is resistance. In general, biological systems are ... Read More »

Why do guitar amps hiss?

Like most electrical devices, guitar amplifiers are constructed of many intricate current-carrying parts. A number of problems, from the obvious to the complex, can contribute to inordinately loud ... Read More »

Hooking up two guitar combo amps?

It shouldn't really matter as long as you don't use any effects for the bass through the fender amp and make sure you don't have the gain up as that is what will cause damage to the speakers not ne... Read More »

How to Run Two Guitar Amps With an Effects Loop?

For many electric guitarists, half the fun of playing the instrument is experimenting with guitar effects pedals, which you can use to alter the tone of the guitar dramatically. In the movie "It Mi... Read More »