What type of grass would be most suitable surrounding a pool if you're concerned with salt water damage to grass?

Answer Answer Red Top Grass grows well around wet conditions and might be the solution you need.If you are concerned about the effects of Sodium chloride on the soil surrounding a salt water pool less har... Read More »

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Does salt water in the pool kill your grass if you back wash and will the grass die around the pool by splashing water?

Answer Salt is actually good for your grass, but if you constantly backwash in the same place you could flood your grass overwatering it. And no, of course splashing saltwater will not kill your gr... Read More »

Will a pool sitting on the grass cause it to die and will splashing water on the grass kill it if it has chlorine in it?

Answer Yes, an above ground pool sitting on the grass will eventually kill the grass. Most above ground pool manufacturers recommend that you remove the grass before filling the pool because the gr... Read More »

Is the water in a salt water pool harder on surrounding plants than traditional chlorine pools?

%REPLIES% Answer Saline systems being sold today operate on a pool water salinity of only 3000ppm or so. Older systems used higher salinities - 4000-6000ppm. Considering ones tears are only approx ... Read More »

Does salt water kill grass?

Salt water will not kill grass on impact. If salt water is repeatedly applied to a lawn, however, it will accumulate and suffocate the roots of the grass, as well as prevent any other plants from g... Read More »