What type of government does the USA have?

Answer The government of the United States of America can be referred to by many terms. We have a federal system, a democracy and a republic. All of these are defined by our U.S. Constitution.Federal Syst... Read More »

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What type of government does Myanmar have?

According the U.S. Department of State, the government in Myanmar is classified as a "military junta." Officially, there are three branches of government: the executive, legislative and judicial. H... Read More »

What type of government agency is NASA?

NASA is an administrative agency within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. Though it is responsible for both Civilian and Military Aeronautics programs, NASA Administrators do not have Ca... Read More »

What Type of Relocation Do Government Jobs Offer?

Federal government jobs offer a relocation incentive if certain requirements are met. The relocation usually involves a move of at least 50 miles from the employee's current location. In order to r... Read More »

Do the United States and Canada have the same type of government?

The United States is a representative democracy, and Canada is a parliamentary democracy. In a representative democracy, the people vote in representatives who represent their interests. In a parli... Read More »