What type of goldfish can go in the same aquarium?

Answer Relatively low-maintenance and friendly, goldfish make a great addition to an aquarium. The peaceful fish rarely have issues with each other; as long as they are given plenty of space, they tend to... Read More »

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What Types of Fish Can Be Kept in the Same Aquarium As Goldfish?

Goldfish are one of the best breeds of fish for first-time fish keepers. They are a coldwater fish that can grow as large as one-foot and live from 10 to 20 years with proper care. Because many tr... Read More »

How to Pick a Goldfish Aquarium?

All goldfish need a good home, but depending on some key points, you need to choose the right one for them.

How to Set up a Healthy Goldfish Aquarium?

Goldfish are easy to take care of, so long as you have a good environment for them to live in. Here is how to create and sustain a healthy goldfish aquarium.

How to Set up a Planted Goldfish Aquarium?

My own planted goldfish aquarium.Do you love both the cuteness of goldfish and the natural beauty of a planted underwater scene? It is a challenging yet fun task to create the goldfish planted tank.