What type of glue will adhere to plexiglass?

Answer A strong plastic glue can be used on plexiglass. IPS's Weld-on #40 is strong enough to be used on very thick pieces of plexiglass. IPS makes other Weld-on products that are less potent but can be u... Read More »

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Does Gorilla Glue adhere to car mirrors?

Gorilla Glue adheres to metal and glass. It also adheres to most plastics, with the exceptions of polyethylene and polypropylene. Car mirrors made of materials with which Gorilla Glue is formulated... Read More »

Should glue be used to adhere a gasket on the transmission pan?

%REPLIES% Answer "NO" because the glue can cause block passage ways-stick solonoids etc.Better 2 lay flat 4 a while with something on the gasket LIKE the CLEAN pan UPSIDE down & torque the bolts EV... Read More »

What glue do you use for plexiglass?

Gluing plexiglass together is quite simple -- all that is needed the right type of glue. You can use cement glue or super glue for plexiglass. An acceptable choice is Weld-On adhesives.References:R... Read More »

How to Clean Super Glue Off Plexiglass?

The material now known as Super Glue was discovered in 1942 by Dr. Harry Coover, who was experimenting with different materials for the manufacture of plastic gun sights. He rejected the material, ... Read More »