What type of glass is used for greenhouses?

Answer Greenhouses have been made out of standard glass for centuries but now many long-life glasses and glass-alternatives are available, such as polycarbonates, plastics and fiberglass. Polythene offers... Read More »

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Is glass a type of crystal?

No, glass is an amorphous, or non-crystalline, substance. The difference between an amorphous and crystalline substance lies in how it is created. Glass doesn't release heat during fusion. There is... Read More »

What type of limestone is used in glass?

Quicklime or calcium oxide is the type of limestone used for making glass. It is the product of burning standard limestone between 1000 and 1300 degrees Celsius. The final product is carbon dioxide... Read More »

What type of glass was used in windshields before 1930?

Prior to the 1930s, automobile windshields were made with plate glass. Plate glass windshields were extremely dangerous to passengers as they would shatter during collisions, sending shards of glas... Read More »

What type of glass is used on the apple iphone 3gs?

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