What type of furniture piece is a davenport?

Answer Davenport Furniture dav.en.port  Pronunciation[dav-uhn-pawrt, -pohrt]�noun 1. a large sofa, often one convertible into a bed. 2. Chiefly British. a small writing desk.[Origin: 1850�55; the de... Read More »

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I have a piece of furniture?

Why don't you google it and try to find out or wikipedia////////

What is your favorite piece of furniture you own Out with the old in with the new?

My new bedroom set that I just got today.. Here's a picture;\…(the last one, in white) It's gorgeous, and I love it. I can't wait to get it on Thursday!

The Best Way to Ship a Piece of Furniture?

Transporting pieces of furniture is slightly more complicated than mailing smaller packages because furniture is more expensive and is much larger. When shipping furniture, the most important aspec... Read More »

At what age does a piece of furniture become an antique?