What type of fungus grows on iris plants?

Answer Leaf spot or Mycosphaerella macrospora is a common disease on irises, especially bearded irises. Particularly prolific in wet or humid weather, leaf spot appears on the upper half of iris leaves a... Read More »

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Is the fungus that grows on trees edible?

You can eat some fungi that grow on trees. Examples of this include oyster mushrooms and Artist's Conk. Some species of fungi that grow on trees are not edible and some are even poisonous. Do not e... Read More »

Which food grows fungus the fastest?

What Animals Eat Iris Plants?

Iris plants are a group of 260 species of particularly colorful and beautiful flower. Widely grown in gardens, they make an excellent addition due to their attractive nature and annual bloom from t... Read More »

What type of flower is an iris?

An iris is classified as a hardy perennial. This type of flower will revive after the winter and typically last for two seasons or longer. If planted from a seed, the flower will not bloom until it... Read More »