What type of foods are good to help with constipation?

Answer Prunes are good but a good stiff dose of Castor oil should do the trick.Coach

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What are some foods/drinks that help relieve constipation for you?

Bananas. I used to have a constipation problem, but bananas are a natural stool softener so they'll help with bowel movements.Also, cold coconut milk works great as well. Though do not make it icy ... Read More »

Anyone can name 3 foods that are good with Cauliflower 3 Foods that are good with Rice?

Cauliflower & Broccoli, Cheese, CurryRice & Soy Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, CurryChetak

I need help with natural constipation remedies?

Smooth Move Tea by traditional Medicinals Also cut down on your dairy intake.

What are good foods to eat to help remedy and keep hearburn ( acid reflux ) at bay?

Drew,There are plenty of excellent natural remedies out there which could definitely help you achieve your goal. But let me suggest you first to try to reason and find the true cause of your heartb... Read More »