What type of food should my laying hens eat?

Answer A laying hen's diet is more critical than the diet of chickens not laying. Laying hens provide food for people as well as chicks for hatching. The nutrients the chickens consume ultimately affect t... Read More »

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At what age do hens start laying eggs?

Hens start laying eggs between 18 to 20 weeks of age. The age at which they produce the most eggs is between 35 and 45 weeks of age. Egg production declines when the hens become 2 or 3 years old.So... Read More »

How to Promote Egg Laying in Hens?

Here is how we take care of our chickens at home, to receive healthy organic eggs. Built the coop from recycled fence panels. It's keep low maintenance. The chickens fertilize the garden also & hel... Read More »

How to Feed Laying Hens?

Laying hens need appropriate feed to lay good, strong, large eggs and be healthy, here's what should be fed.

Why are my laying hens hiding eggs?

The domestic chicken originated from wild jungle fowl in Southeast Asia. There they were subjected to predators. Their nesting behavior is related to these wild roots and hens will frequently hide ... Read More »