What type of food is eaten in space?

Answer Astronauts in space can't eat the exact same foods as they do when on Earth because microgravity affects body processes and even the act of eating itself.ProblemsIn space, a big problem with food i... Read More »

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What type of food do you take to space?

While people may envision astronauts forced to eat unappetizing food bars in space, a modern space journey includes a wide range of foods familiar to Earth kitchens.SnacksAstronauts have a choice o... Read More »

What type of caCtus can be eaten?

cacti bear edible fruit such as the prickly pear and hylocereus which produces dragon fruit or pitaya.

What type of goose was eaten at the first Thanksgiving?

The Christian Science Monitor reports that those eating the first Thanksgiving meal probably did not eat turkey. At least, it was not mentioned in the account of the meal. Seasonal waterfowl and wi... Read More »

What is the most bizarre food you have eaten?

Everyday, I eat someting new and bizarre from our cafeteria at work. Of course, it has the names of common foods, but any similarity in look and taste is purely coincidental.