What type of food is a pickle?

Answer A pickle is made from a cucumber, which makes it a fruit because cucumbers have seeds. Botanists call cucumbers fruits because they develop from the reproductive structures of plants. Fruits are th... Read More »

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How to Pickle Lime Food?

Pickled lime has been one of the major flavors in Indian cooking for several hundred years. Nimbu ka achaar, also called achar limau in Malaysian cooking, or lime pickles, are used in many countrie... Read More »

What type of Food is a Good Starter Food that is Easy to grow in a Garden?

Lettuces and other leafy greens are good to start with. They grow easily and can be eaten as they grow, just cut off leaves as you need them. A few herbs would be useful too, like parsley, corian... Read More »

Do you use "oregano" in your food What type of food?

If you mean oregano, then pasta.If you mean "oregano" (insert wink here), then brownies.Edit: lol, then why did you put it in quotes?

WhAt type Of fOod do you like?