What type of flower is the African Violet?

Answer The African violet's botanical name is Saintpaulia and it originated from Africa where it is very tropical. African violets grow as single stemmed multiple stemmed plants. Some trailing varities tr... Read More »

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What is Russian African violet?

There are some Russian Hybridizers that have raised very large varieties of African violets within the last five or so years. Please see the related link.

What Is the Meaning of the Violet Flower?

The violet is the flower of four U.S. states, and of Greece. People have a fondness for the delicate flower and its fragrance and color. It has symbolic roots reaching into myth, legend, and religi... Read More »

My African violet has stopped flowering, what can I do?

LIGHTInsufficient light is one of the major reasons Violets do not bloom well. Violets must have 10 to 14 (16 is max) hours of bright light per day (no direct sun). Variegated varieties usually nee... Read More »

What does African violet represent?

They represent your love for one another.