What type of flower is an iris?

Answer An iris is classified as a hardy perennial. This type of flower will revive after the winter and typically last for two seasons or longer. If planted from a seed, the flower will not bloom until it... Read More »

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Facts About the Iris Flower?

The iris flower is a herbaceous perennial and known for its beauty. They come in colors including white, yellow, brown, red, orange, blue, purple and black. There are over 200 types that produce in... Read More »

How long does it take iris to flower?

Depending on the variety, it takes an iris two to three years to become large enough to flower. There are over 300 varieties of iris. Most bloom showy flowers on long, slender stems. The bulbs shou... Read More »

Symbolism of the Iris Flower?

A symbol of royalty and admiration, the iris is one of the most readily recognized flowers in the world, whose first artistic representations date back more than three thousand years. Medicinally a... Read More »

What Is the Origin of the Iris Flower?

The genus Iris is comprised of nearly 300 species of showy flowers that bloom in many colors including white, yellow, violet, pink and blue. Iris is the largest group of the Iridaceae family in the... Read More »