What type of flower grows to be the tallest?

Answer The sunflower is a very tall flower.melinda and a urszula here.....=] well the answer is Sun Flower....=] [tee hee]

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Please help find name of flower all I have is that it`s a large purple pom pom like flower which grows high?

Sounds like an ornamental allium (onion family). There are some hybrids which look like perfect pompoms on tall stalks. By the way, when trying to identify plants, it's useful to provide a descript... Read More »

What type of grass grows the fastest?

Bamboo falls under the grass category and is the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo grows at an average of a foot a day, and in ideal humidity and temperature conditions it grows even faste... Read More »

What type of grass grows in Virginia?

What type of grass grows best in the sun?

On One Hand: Bermudagrass Requires Full SunBermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) grows so well in the direct sunlight that it won't grow at all in the shade. This grass needs eight hours a day of direct sunl... Read More »