What type of fire extinguisher do I need?

Answer On One Hand: Multipurpose (ABC) ExtinguishersFire extinguishers are divided into four categories: A, B, C and D. Class A is for regular combustibles, B is for flammables, C is for electrical fires ... Read More »

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What type of fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire?

Only a class B fire extinguisher should be used on a gasoline fire. Household and auto extinguishers usually have a B-C rating. Some are A-B-C rated. Never spray water on a gasoline fire.Fire Exti... Read More »

What does a type K fire extinguisher contain?

Class K, or wet chemical, fire extinguishers contain an acidic potassium-acetate based agent that is effective on kitchen fires that are often caused by unsaturated cooking oils that burn hotter. T... Read More »

What type of fire can a co2 extinguisher put out?

According to the Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated (ILPI) website a CO2 fire extinguisher contains the gas carbon dioxide. Using carbon dioxide is safer than using some liquid extinguishe... Read More »

What is in a type K fire extinguisher?

Class K, or wet chemical fire extinguishers, contain an acidic potassium-acetate-based agent for use on kitchen fires that are caused by vegetable or animal oils and fats in commercial cooking appl... Read More »