What type of fertilizer should be used on grapevines?

Answer On One Hand: Importance of PotassiumOnce they are well-established, grapevines do not need a large amount of fertilizer to thrive. They do not have a high nitrogen requirement, and too much nitroge... Read More »

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What type of fertilizer should be used for a fig tree?

The Type of Fertilizer Used for Citrus?

To know exactly what citrus trees need if growing in your soil, you need to do a soil test. In areas with very fertile soils, nitrogen may be the only fertilizer nutrient needed, because citrus tre... Read More »

What kind of fertilizer should be used in early spring?

On One Hand: General RecommendationTypically, a fertilizer high in nitrogen is recommended for use in the spring season according to The site recommends nitrogen-rich formulas b... Read More »

What Type of Fertilizer Will Your Orchid Love, and When & How Often You Should Feed It?

Orchids, one of the most popular flowering houseplants in the United States, adapt relatively easily to indoor conditions, despite naturally growing outdoors. Depending on the orchid's particular g... Read More »