What type of fertilizer could one find ammonium nitrate in?

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What is the chemical formula for ammonium nitrate?

The chemical molecular formula of ammonium nitrate is NH4NO3. Ammonium nitrate is an industrial product used in explosives such as fireworks and dynamite. It is also used in nitrogen fertilizer pro... Read More »

How to Make an Ammonium Nitrate Smoke Bomb?

This is a very easy process, involving only 2 ingredients: Ammonium nitrate (found in 'Insta-Ice' packs), water, and a little time.

Why shouldn't lime and ammonium fertilizer be added to the soil at the sametime?

How Can One Remove Nitrate Salts From Nitrate Enriched Soil?

Soils become enriched with nitrate salts after consistent chemical fertilization. Most soils that are enriched with nitrate salts are used for agriculture. With proper management, there should be l... Read More »