What type of felines cannot retract their claws?

Answer Most felines evolved with the ability to retract their claws, drawing them out of sight. Felines with retractable claws range from lions and tigers to domestic cats.Claw SheathsThe claw sheath is a... Read More »

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How long does the quick extend on a parrot's toes if you don't trim their claws?

The quick of a parrot’s nails “extends two thirds to three fourths of the way down the length of the nail” states veterinarian Gary A. Gallerstein in “The Complete Bird Owner’s Handbook.â... Read More »

What fish cannot swim but walks along the bottom with their fins?

There are 14 species of what biologists now refer to as handfish. These fish use fins to walk along the bottom of the ocean and all are found in the shallow water along Australia's coast. The newes... Read More »

Firefox 20.0 issues - cannot type website adress?

With Firefox open and active, press Alt.That should make the menu bar appear (File Edit View Bookmarks . . .)Click View > Toolbars > Navigation Toolbar

What is pkd in felines?

Typically referred to as PKD, polycystic kidney disease is an inherited condition which causes the development of air-filled cysts in the feline kidney. Left untreated, PKD can result in kidney fai... Read More »