What type of farming consists of using ashes to fertilize the soil?

Answer slash and burnby adding nourishment for plantsOrganic farming can also use ashes as a soil additive. Be very careful about using ashes as a fertilizer; know the source that the ashes came from. Do ... Read More »

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How Do Earthworms Fertilize Soil?

Turn over a shovel full of soil in a garden, and chances are you'll see a few red wigglers disappearing into the dirt. Perhaps the gardener's best friend, the earthworm inhabits nearly every temper... Read More »

How to Fertilize Soil With Eggshells?

Believe it or not, your favorite breakfast can't just make you grow, but also your plants. Wanna know how? Here are the steps to healthy plants.

Is Potting Soil Enough to Fertilize Tomatoes?

Tomatoes grow in hundreds of cultivars, and reach over 5 feet tall in some situations. All tomatoes need plenty of food and water to succeed, with good drainage, warmth and sun exposure. Potting so... Read More »

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