What type of eruption does Mount Etna have?

Answer Mount Etna has two types of eruptions. The first type is explosive eruptions, sometimes with minor lava emissions, which occur at the volcano's three summit craters. The second type is flank vents ... Read More »

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What kind of lava does mount etna have?

Europe's largest volcano, Mount Etna in Sicility, erupts with basaltic lava. Basaltic lava primarily erupts from shield volcanoes. Mount Etna is a composite volcano. The bottom portion of the volca... Read More »

Does Mauna Loa have a quiet eruption or explosive eruption?

The Mauna Loa volcano on the big island of Hawaii has quiet eruptions. Whether a volcano has quiet or explosive eruptions depends on the level of gas in the magma. Explosive eruptions have high lev... Read More »

When was the last eruption of Mt. Etna?

As of May, 2010, Mt. Etna is erupting. The eruption began in March of 2007, and has been ongoing since that time. Mount Etna is located in Sicily, Italy; it is one of the largest volcanoes in Euro... Read More »

What type of lens mount does the Mamiya 645 have?

All models of the Mamiya 645 SLR camera use a 63.3 mm M645 bayonet lens mount. All 645 camera bodies will accept M645 lenses without requiring adapter or step-down rings. Mamiya introduced the Mami... Read More »