What type of equipment is used to record measurements for hurricanes?

Answer Meteorologists and hurricane scientists use both traditional weather equipment and highly sophisticated electronic instruments to measure and record hurricane data.Hurricane FeaturesWind speed, bar... Read More »

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What type of equipment is used to measure volume?

The simplest piece of equipment used to measure volume is a graduated cylinder. On the side of the graduated cylinder are measurement lines indicating liters and milliliters that mark the volume of... Read More »

What type of photography equipment is best not to buy used/refurbished ?

I agree that there is no reason not to buy factory refurbished equipment. I bought a refurbed D50 in 2006 and it's been great. It has had light use, like only a couple thousand frames, but it never... Read More »

What body type are measurements 39-30-41?

What Are Units of Measurements Used by Scientists?

A unit of measurement is defined as "any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange." Examples of physical quantities requiring measurement include weight, length and he... Read More »