What type of education does mexico have?

Answer According to the RAND Corporation, Mexico spends approximately $28 billion annually on public education with the states administering 85 percent of that funding through federal transfers. The Minis... Read More »

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What is education like in Mexico?

From 1921, the education system in Mexico was controlled by the minister of public education, but in 1993, a new education law created the framework for the arrangement of a new system.StructureThe... Read More »

What is the average education in Mexico?

The average Mexican education can be measured in the percentage of residents currently enrolled in tertiary education, or post-secondary education, at the time of data gathering. As of 2007, 26 per... Read More »

Special Education Laws in Mexico?

In the early 1990s there was a global shift toward providing more comprehensive educational services toward children with disabilities. Mexico was no different and began crafting laws to establish... Read More »

Is higher education free in Mexico or Puerto Rico?

Higher education is free in Mexico if you are Mexican. In Puerto Rico, the constitution of the republic of Puerto Rico gives citizens the right to an education on the island without charge.Referen... Read More »