What type of education did Benjamin Banneker have?

Answer The Utah State University's TeacherLINK reports that Benjamin Banneker, an African-American scientist and surveyor who was born in 1731, received an eighth-grade education by the time he was 15 at ... Read More »

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What did Benjamin Banneker discover?

Benjamin Banneker discovered a method for predicting solar eclipses. He accurately predicted a solar eclipse in 1789, months ahead of formally trained astronomers. He also built an accurate clock f... Read More »

What did Benjamin Banneker create?

In 1753, Benjamin Banneker created a fully functioning clock that was made entirely out of carved wood. The clock kept accurate time and is known as the first clock made in the New World, according... Read More »

What did Benjamin Banneker do for science?

Benjamin Banneker was an amateur astronomer who calculated locations of stars and planets and published yearly almanacs with ephemerides or tables showing their positions for every day of the year.... Read More »

What school did Benjamin Banneker go to?

Benjamin Banneker, the son of a freed black slave, attended a Quaker school for boys. His grandmother taught him how to read using the Bible, and Banneker went to school until he was 15. He obtai... Read More »