What type of economic system exists in Brazil?

Answer Brazil is a moderately free-market economy. It is also an inward-oriented economic system. Its gross domestic product is in excess of $1.6 trillion. This positions Brazil as the eighth highest in t... Read More »

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What is Brazil's economic system?

Like with many countries, Brazil's economic system blends market and socialist characteristics. Brazil has experienced enormous economic growth in the early 21st century, but poverty and political ... Read More »

What was the economic system for Brazil in the last 100 years?

Brazil overall controls the eighth largest economy in the world and the most powerful one in South America. Brazil is technically a free market economy that depends on the service industry as its ... Read More »

What type of economic system does Taiwan have?

Taiwan has a capitalist economic system. Fewer and fewer industries and banks are under state ownership as privatization occurs throughout the country. About 70 percent of the gross domestic produc... Read More »

What type of economic system is used in Israel?

The government of Israel describes itself as a global market economy that is advanced-technology based. With a focus on telecommunications, information technology, electronics and life sciences, th... Read More »