What type of duties are fufilled when a governor represents the state at a national conference on water pllution?

Answer with the conductor or engineer

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Is it true that the national guard is unable to respond to disaster without the state's governor request?

They governor doesn't request the National Guard - they order the National Guard. The statement is partially true, but still misleading. Typically, a County Sheriff will have the authority to activ... Read More »

Governor's Executive Duties?

The governor's executive duties are much like that of the President of the United States, except at the state level. While the executive duties of governors differ from one state to the next, there... Read More »

What Are the Duties of the Lieutenant Governor?

Being number two in charge can be an unglamorous job, but for a person who seeks to serve his or her state, the position of lieutenant governor is ripe with possibilities. Not only does he fill in ... Read More »

Duties of the Governor of Maryland?

The governor of Maryland is the state's chief executive. Elected by the people of Maryland to renewable four-year terms, the governor has a wide array of duties responsibilities that he must compet... Read More »