What type of dogs do not bark?

Answer Dogs can be taught, altered surgically or conditioned not to bark. But there are some unusual breeds that make lots of noise without producing a typical bark.BasenjiThe Basenji, or Congo Dog, is c... Read More »

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What type of dog does not bark?

Two types of dog do not bark. The first type is a breed of dog, called a Basenji. The second kind of dog is one that has been de-vocalized or "debarked." Although they do not bark, both types of do... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Bark a Lot?

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. They bark to greet you, they bark to warn you or protect you, they bark to direct your attention to something, like their need for food or water. Some dogs bark ... Read More »

Why do dogs bark at strangers?

While some people find a barking dog to be a nuisance, it is the way that they communicate. When dogs bark at strangers, they are tapping into generations of training.HistoryDogs have been used for... Read More »

How to Train Dogs Not to Bark?

Is that pesky dog barking again? Are you tired of hearing it bark and bark and bark? Well here's how to finally stop the madness!