What type of dogs attack people the most often?

Answer According to the American Medical Association, an estimated 4.5 million people each year suffer from dog bites, with an average of 20 people in the United States dying annually from injuries suffer... Read More »

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How are attack dogs trained?

Attack dogs, such as K-9 officers and some military dogs, are thoroughly trained and exceptionally obedient. Attack training should always be done by a professional.CommandsA properly trained attac... Read More »

Warning Signs for Attack Dogs?

Most dogs are capable of aggression if hurt or afraid, according to the Shire of Capel Ranger Services in Washington State. The likelihood of a dog attacking increases when the dog owner trains the... Read More »

Diseases That Attack the Nervous Systems in Dogs?

Diseases that affect the central nervous system in dogs include any genetic disorder that can attack the brain or spinal cord. These diseases have marked physical symptoms that owners will notice i... Read More »

Can Someone REALLY have a "Fire Sale" type of attack like they did in the new Die Hard movie?

YesOn june 20,2007 the Defense Department took as many as 1,500 computers off line because of a cyber attack.The Internet architecture needs to be redesign and rebuilt. Security precautions were no... Read More »