What type of dog is the strongest dog in the world?

Answer The world's strongest dog is a hotly contested topic, with fans of various breeds claiming their dog should have the title. A major factor is muscle mass relative to body size.Largest Dog BreedsStr... Read More »

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What is the strongest type of Hydrocodone?

Only one type of hydrocodone exists. Hydrocodone is a generic name for an opioid used as a medication as a pain reliever and cough suppressant. The dosage determines the ... Read More »

What type of dip gives the strongest buzz?

What type of wood makes the strongest walking sticks?

African blackwood, also called black ebony, is one of the hardest types of wood--based on the Janka Hardness test--used to create walking sticks. It provides a high-gloss shine for the stick. Manza... Read More »

What is the strongest&most elastic type of blood vessel?

Elastic arteries are the strongest, most elastic and largest type of blood vessels. Elastic arteries are most often found in close proximity to the heart and have more elastin than any other type o... Read More »