What type of dog breeds makes up the Pyrenees breed ?

Answer The Great Pyrenees dog breed has been in existence for thousands of years. It was used in the mountain regions of Spain to guard flocks of sheep--the Pyrenees' white coat allowed it to blend in wit... Read More »

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Who is the Pyrenees type shaggy white haired cartoon dog with small eyes not Sam from Looney Tunes?

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What type of dog breed would you most likely get?

What breed of dog makes the best family pet?

On One Hand: Retrievers Lead the PackSome of the most obedient, loyal and family-friendly dogs are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. They love outdoor activities and have a reputation of ... Read More »

What breed makes a great indoor lap dog?

On One Hand: Toy Poodles Love CompanyThe toy poodle is a friendly dog that loves attention and the company of humans, but would prefer to be the only pet. Toy poodles weigh less than 10 pounds as a... Read More »