What type of direct tv dish do ineed to receive local channels?

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What type of tv antena can be used with a direct tv slimline HD dish to get local channels?

well it was channel 867 . but that got replaced with be-tween sadly ,,, but you can listen to it online ,, i hope i helped.

What settings should you use to receive local channels from springfield mo on dish network?

The DISH Network headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado.

Can you use your old DirecTV dish for local channels if you no longer use direct tv?

What satellite do you use for local channels on direct tv?

YES.Based on math it is defiantly mathematically able to hit the corner.ANYONE WHO SAYS IT CANT IS not smart.IT ONLY GOES ON 45 DEGREE ANGLES. IT MAY TAKE A WHILE BUT THE BOX WILL HIT THE CORNER.