What type of degree is a jd?

Answer The J.D., or Juris Doctorate, is a law degree that emerged in the 1960s as a replacement for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. Today, most law schools offer the Juris Doctorate as their sole profe... Read More »

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What Type of College Degree Is an Associate Degree in Medical Office Systems?

Medical office staff bill patients and insurance companies, organize and maintain patient records, schedule appointments and work with budgets. Most medical offices today use a variety of computer ... Read More »

What Type of Degree Is an AA?

Education is an important factor in determining job options. Employers look at the degree or level of education to determine if the candidate is appropriate for the job position. An AA, which stand... Read More »

What Type of Job Can I Apply for With an MBA Degree?

An MBA is a master's degree in Business Administration. This certificate is obtained after one to two years of graduate studies and can lead to a job that is both rewarding and challenging.

What type of degree do those who work for the CDC have?

Chemistry.Biology.Medical degrees from nursing to M.D.Investigative skills training and/or experience.Psychology.Computer Science.Depends on what you want to do with them. There are many job class... Read More »