What type of death..?

Answer It will be slow. Your body will not be able to rid itself of waste. The waste will be reabsorbed either through conventional means or by way of a ruptured bowel. Your waste will essentially pois... Read More »

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What is the average death age for diabetics with type 1?

In terms of stats: *Typically* Type 1 diabetes shaves off 15 years of the "average" lifespan. Now, there are great variations in that. Someone's genes, diabetes control, overall health, other condi... Read More »

What type of 7 ball was used on ESPN sudden death 7 ball pool tournaments?

Michael Jackson's death worst celebrity death since John Lennon?

yes because the world loved them both RIP

Ignorantly, US Pres. Barack Obama has referred to Auschwitz as a "Polish death camp" instead of a"German death?

Whether you describe it by who operated it or by where it was, people know what he's talking about. And technically, "Polish Death Camp" is probably the most accurate descriptive term for Auschwit... Read More »