What type of data cable is on an optical drive?

Answer Optical drives, such as those that play CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, are typically connected to the rest of the computer via an IDE or SATA cable, which is also commonly used to connect computer ha... Read More »

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What Kind of Cable Connects to an Optical Drive?

Optical drives, CD- and DVD-ROM drives that use optical systems to read data, have replaced floppy drives, and they are easy to connect once you know what kind of cables they use.TypesThere are two... Read More »

What type of cable is used to connect the floppy drive to the motherboard?

A floppy drive connects to the motherboard using a floppy drive cable. The floppy drive cable looks similar to the older IDE cables except for the fact that they are slightly smaller.References:Kit... Read More »

What is the difference between the coaxial cable & the Optical cable, and whats better for a surround system.?

Optical transmits audio information in the form of a beam of light, digital coax uses an electrical impulse. There are differences, and you'll hear arguements for and against both, but they are so ... Read More »

How to Tell Which Side of a Hard Drive's Data Cable Connects to Pin 1 on a Drive?

IDE cables are wide, flat ribbon cables used to connect your drives, such as your hard drive, to your motherboard. The IDE cable is keyed so that it can only fit into the interface port in a single... Read More »