What type of cucumbers can you use to make pickles?

Answer Any kind cucumber.

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My little sister said that pickles are cucumbers..but it dosent make sence.WHAT IS THE ANSWER is it a pickle?

Yes, if you put cucumbers into brine (salty water) or pickling (salt, sugar, and vinegar) and then keep them there for a while, they turn into pickles.

Pickles Or Cucumbers Which do you like better?

pickles. What I really prefer though is cucumbers in vinegar, you slice up a cucumber and let it soak in vinegar for several hours. It's a nice medium between pickles and cucumbers.

What type of soil for growing cucumbers?

We grow ours directly into "worked soil" (a compost that has been tilled into the earth.) Potting soil could be used in place of compost.

How to Make Pickles?

Here's how to make refrigerator pickles. It's a great way to preserve garden-fresh produce.