What type of computer scanner do I use to scan in drawing?

Answer Scanning at 600/1200/higher would be good for your purpose.I think almost all scanners do similar quality scan at same price point. If you can, please go to a scan shop and pay a cent or so, and t... Read More »

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Which type of SCANNER will scan multiple pages of a textbook (ITEC)?

Libraries use special book scanners, or certain types of flatbed scanners to take scans of textbook pages.. but you need a special type, or at least an adapter because the book usually has a bindin... Read More »

What type scanner needed for HP computer?

Get the HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner that allows you to scan negatives, slides, photos etc.... It is a legal size format which means you can scan 8 to 10 pics at a time.

How do you scan a pic to computer (using scanner)?

On your computer look for your (Printer/Scanner) icon on your desktop, left click on it, then as the printer interface pops up left click on (scan/copy), turn your printer on, then left click on(sc... Read More »

Got a scanner how i scan a pic from it to the computer?

Once it's on, it should be found in "My Computer". (Make sure you installed the software/driver that came with the scanner.)