What type of computer is the best Apple or Dell?

Answer My teachers at school said that Apple is much more easier to use and more graphical than Dell. I agree, but I'm used to Dell more since I was introduced to Windows first. Dell is also cheaper than ... Read More »

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Would you rather have an apple computer or a dell computer which is easier to use?

if you know what you want & you can afford it: apple is good.. but, dell is easier to use... mostly because most softwares are compatible, and not with apple.

How to Type an Apple Icon on Mac Computer?

Have you ever seen anyone put the Apple Icon on their blog or when chatting? It is easy to do - here's how! 

How to Type an Apple Sign With Apple Computers?

Here is a simple, three-step written tutorial on how to type the famous apple logo by mac on your mac computer.

Is dell really the best computer manufactuer i am thinking of buying a dell, what would people think of me!?

Dell computers are amazing, but their a little on the expensive side. If you are going to buy a Dell, make sure you put high-speed internet on it and not dial up, it slows the computer down. But, i... Read More »