What type of computer is the best Apple or Dell?

Answer My teachers at school said that Apple is much more easier to use and more graphical than Dell. I agree, but I'm used to Dell more since I was introduced to Windows first. Dell is also cheaper than ... Read More »

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Is dell really the best computer manufactuer i am thinking of buying a dell, what would people think of me!?

Dell computers are amazing, but their a little on the expensive side. If you are going to buy a Dell, make sure you put high-speed internet on it and not dial up, it slows the computer down. But, i... Read More »

Would you rather have an apple computer or a dell computer which is easier to use?

if you know what you want & you can afford it: apple is good.. but, dell is easier to use... mostly because most softwares are compatible, and not with apple.

What is the best laptop between apple , sony and dell?

Dell They are the best laptops by far, better screens (tru-life) better graphics card (512mb 7900 GTX) and fully upgradeable (cpu, hd, graphics card, screens)... I just upgraded the graphics card o... Read More »

Which one is the best laptop, Apple or Dell?

If you want personalized, reliable and quick advice, you should check out -- They have a recommendation engine that ranks laptops based on reviews ... Read More »